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    Overcoming the Obstacles of Life
    by David Roper

    Looking for something rich in content, biblically relevant, and character building for all the men in your life?

    A Man to Match the Mountain takes an honest look at the lives of several Old Testament men, draws on his own life experiences, and shows how God uses adversity to build integrity and strength.

    You'll see how Gideon, Elijah, Moses, Caleb, and others either reached their pinnacle or tumbled to their undoing. Eleven short chapters make it a perfect book for men with busy schedules.

    ISBN: 978-1-57293-013-1

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    A Woman God Can Use (New Edition)

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    New Testament Women Help You Make Today's Choices
    by Alice Mathews

    Discipleship is more than just following Jesus. It’s a relationship of love and trust—allowing God to do for you what you can never do for yourself. In A Woman Jesus Can Teach, Alice Mathews studies the lives of several women in the Gospels whose lives were changed by an encounter with Jesus. Discover how Jesus can transform your life when you activate your faith and align your priorities with God’s will.

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    The Book that Inspired a Return to the Church's Real Meaning and Mission
    by Ray C. Stedman

    Ray Stedman shows you how to recapture the vigor and authenticity of the early church—a radical body of enthusiastic believers who spread the Word of God throughout the world! This book—considered a classic by many—brings you challenging questions that make Body Life both personal and practical.

    Body Life is a groundbreaking book inspiring churches and disciples to return to New Testament Christianity. Using principles from Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4, Stedman helps you discover the dynamic purpose of the church and the exciting role you have to play in the body of Christ.

    ISBN: 978-1-57293-000-1


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    Building Strong Christian Character through Divine Guidance, Suffering, Peril, Prayer, Loneliness and Patience
    by Oswald Chambers

    Who doesn't need help developing their character when it comes to suffering, peril, prayer, patience, or who doesn't need answers in the areas of loneliness and divine guidance?

    Oswald Chambers, author of My Utmost for His Highest calls these disciplines, and helps you understand God's perspective and how to understand the events of our life, and how they are used to mold you more and more into the character of Christ.

    As you grow in these personal disciplines, you'll find that your intimacy with Christ grows too, helping you to find a more satisfying and abundant faith life.

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