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Prayers for Prodigals

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90 Days of Prayer for Your Child
by James Banks

When dealing with a prodigal becomes tiring and discouraging, your thoughts and emotions may not always be easy to express. Prayers for Prodigals by James Banks offers strength and encouragement through 90 days of practical prayers. You will also find inspiring meditations drawn from Scripture and the personal experiences of other parents. Gain fresh insights as you talk with God and depend on Him to answer your prayers.

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"My mother, Ruth Bell Graham, would have loved this book Prayers for Prodigals. Why? Because she loved prodigals: I know—I was one. James Banks certainly captures the hearts of many mothers and fathers who agonize over wayward children. Even for children who don't walk the prodigal path, all children, teenagers, and adult children need prayer. This book puts such prayer into proper perspective—James has shared from the depth of experience the secret of parental prayers for children and reveals the truth for effective prayer—God's Word. He looks inward first to his own shortfall so that God can then lead him to touch the heart of a loving heavenly Father as he seeks the mind of Christ. I believe if every parent would peruse these pages they would find guidance and comfort in trusting the Lord with their dearest possessions." —Franklin Graham, President & CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse.

ISBN: 9781572934528

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